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The Encouragers





The Encouragers Ministry, a Christian Para-Churchorganization, is undertaking a project for the Youth in Nigeria. Themain target for this project is College Students. There is a lot offrustration among this group because of the severe neglect ofgovernmental authorities. The educational structure, once the pride ofAfrica, has become run down both physically and academically. A fewmainly Christian private Schools are trying to provide some viablealternative but because of the endemic corruption in the country andalso because this has been a recent development, this private sectorhas not had much impact. In the meantime, the Youth are being recruitedinto cults, advanced fee fraud activities for which Nigeria has becomenotorious, and which thrive especially in the cities and the oilprospecting areas of Nigeria.

The vision of the ministry for the Youth is summed up by the Rescue Mission slogan: Transforming the Nation, one Youth at a time.We are recruiting Youth into what we have called the Daniel’s Band. TheDaniel’s Band is a group of Youth determined to stand againstcorruption even if it means they remain alone in their community or ontheir job. The Rescue Mission House is a place of meeting for prayersand fellowship; but it is also a place of training in secular skillssuch as

(1) Training to upgrade their skills in computer software andhardware
(2) Training in entrepreneurship
(3) Training in resumewriting and presentation skills
(4) Training in peaceful communitydevelopment activities
(5) Relationship building
(6) Ethics
(7)Training on peaceful ways of standing for your rights in a civicdemocratic society.

We will maintain a data bank of organizations interested in recruitinghonest workers who would shun corruption etc. The Rescue Missionsupport service to the Youth includes advocacy and free legal defense.

Now we need help to move on.

We plan to produce a Youth Journal titled:
Rescue: Transforming the Nation one Youth at a time. Thisis a planned 25-page journal aimed at providing a forum for the Youthto express themselves and which will focus on Youth issues, nationaland local. We need advertisements from Youth oriented producers to payfor the cost of the journal.

The Journal is scheduled to be launched on December 13, 2008 at aChristian Musical Jamboree at the University of Lagos stadium. We planto produce 10,000 copies to be distributed at a nominal donation. Weneed substantial financial donation to make this possible.
Also we require, at the utmost urgency, the following items at ourRescue Mission Headquarters for a necessary and effective secretarialbackup for this all important project:
•    At least a computer, a Printer, a Scanner, a photocopier and a fax machine
•    Needless to say we do need a powerful generator
•    A refrigerator

As a National Movement to recover and preserve the soul of Nigeria under God, we promise to deliver the following:
1.    Provide you with a receipt for every contribution which you make to us in cash or in kind
2.    Give an account every year to all contributors, every assistanceobtained as well as give an account of how these contributions had beenexpended or put to use in the course of the year.

Donations to us are tax exempt as per Tax Exemption Certificate # 233679. PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHEQUE PAYABLE TO: The Encouragers Inc.

United States:

One Fordham Hill Oval,
#15F, Bronx  
NY 10468
Tel: 718-561-3216  Fax: 718-561-3217 

Office in Nigeria:
The Encouragers (Rescue Mission House)
#12 Layi, Otegbade Street                                                                             Off Ofo Street ( By Pedro Police Barracks )                                                Pedro, Lagos 1000007

Telephone: +234 01 879 4148 / +234 802 301 3828

The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.
-Psalm 34:10

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